Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 7: Theo is Full of Crap

I want to go to a party that the owner of my favorite bar mentioned the previous day.
Owner´s name is Theo.
Party is supposed to start at 5:30 (if it´s going to happen)

I want jog Theo´s memory and to make sure he knows where to find me.
So, I stop by his bar when I take a break from windsurfing and say¨"hi."
He says "hi, how´s the windsurfing?"
I say "great, you should come out."
He says "Nah."
End of conversation.

No mention of party
No dancing bartenders
Theo is full of crap

After about a week of windsurfing, I´m improving. I´ve even created a little how to guide.

How To Windsurf
1) bring board to water´s edge
2) wave at kids to get out of the way.
3) kids come closer
4) wave at adults to get out of the way
5) adults wave back
6) attempt beach start, a move that could injure kids and adults alike (launch board, jump on board, fall off board. Kids and adults move away. Repeat)
7) Once on board, begin windsurfing
8) Attempt to turn
9) Fall off board and break equipment
11) Return to step one

Also, my Spanish is improving.

I´m practicing my beach start and keep falling. A group of women are laughing and jeering in Spanish. One of them calls out to me in Spanish.

I respond:
¨No hablas Espaniol. Seulemente "Ciao," "Quanto Questa," "Popsicle."

They´re not impressed and go back to talking amongst themselves.