Self Promotion for Writers

1) Easy, Sleazy Book Marketing Tips
Change you traffic measuring tool, join a Facebook Like-fest, and if anyone asks: "But officer, everyone else is doing it."

2) Book Marketing for Nitwits: Keyword Phrases
What's my brand? Who's my audience? Who cares? I don't have all day for this; just help me boost my traffic enough to impress an agent.

3)  Book Marketing for Nitwits: SEO
Meta tags, Title tags, Klout scores, and ten hours at a sweaty keyboard -- I do whatever it takes to make Google like me better.

4) New Careers for Writers
This group of previously unemployed writers learned to adapt to today's tough publishing environment. Their secrets? Flexibility, a positive attitude, and a willingness to take risks.

5) Book Marketing for Nitwits: Twitter
And you thought SEO was a time-sink: This Twitter encounter involved six hours of nonsense and another blown deadline. But as writers, we welcome any distraction.

6) Query Letter Confusion
When one agent says A and another says B  and a third says ... How I dealt with the situation and what I learned. Includes links to sample query letters. Oy.

7) Video Trailer for "God Bless Cambodia, the novel I sold to small press

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