Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 4: Is Amoebic Dysentary spelled "oe" or "eo" ?

At breakfast, I throw caution to the wind and have cereal with milk.

Wind is good, 12 to 18 knots.

The windsurfing center offers free clinics three times each week. I go to the clinic. I´m the only one there. I get a semi private lesson.

My Spanish has improved. My vocabulary now includes the following:
La quenta por favor (check please)
Ciao (ciao)
Popsicle (popsicle)
Change money (change money)
Windsurf (windsurf)

Health update:
- mosquito bites: 3 (one mosquito still trapped in the bathroom. Kind of Mexican standoff. I can´t seem to kill it and it hasn´t bitten me.)
- blisters on hands: 1 small one, where I forgot to put duct tape.
- water situation:
*can´t drink from tap
*can´t get water in mouth when taking a shower
*use bottled water when brushing teeth and rinsing tooth brush.
*drinking out of the toilet is definitely out.

Question: how much water do you need to ingest to get sick? If you wash your hands, dry them, but then go eat a sandwich, are you asking for typhoid infection?