Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 10: Depression at the Door

Today's weather: 90's in the shade

According to guy at windsurfing center:
- we are 10 degrees from the equator
- in the spring, temperatures will hit 115 degrees

It's been about a week and a half of pretty much solo vacation and I'm ready to come home.
- taking naps after breakfast
- obsessively watching groups of people laughing and carrying on
- jealous of couples holding and hands and playing kissey face on the beach. (no matter how unattractive the woman is.)
- realizing only company I have most of the day is a fiberglass windsurfer.
- even changing money has lost its thrill. (to attempt to get myself out of funk, I went to minimart to exchange some Euros. The Euro is worth about $1.33, about 33 percent more than a dollar. But when I went to exchange a 100 Euro note, best I could do do was 460,000 bolivars (about 28 percent better than a dollar). Now I'm truly depressed.

This is the longest I've gone on a solo vacation. Last year, I went to Corsica and was ready to come home after 4 days. I can't even watch the Red Sox. Theo only has the US Open on the TV at his bar.

Alcohol-induced Moodswing: Feeling a little better
- I go to pizza joing for dinner (waiter brings me extra-large free shot of ouzo-like after dinner drink. He must be feeling sorry for me.)
- I go to tikl bar. Theo is there with a some local US expats. We yuk it up. (I learn why beers are so small: so they stay cold longer.)