Sunday, September 16, 2007

day 13: Sleeping Tips, Breast Update

- Serious wind today, about 20 to 25 knots. (I can handle 15 to 20 knots)
- I took a lesson on how to water start. With a little luck, I can new start in water up to my neck. I'm in the water and use power of wind to pull me onto the board.

I was out sailing when a storm came up. Winds over 30. Busted. I fell off board and couldn't back on. I just kept drifting. Luckily, wind was blowing onto the shore or you wouldn't be reading this. (I'm being a little dramatic) 15-year-old kid from windsurfing center had to sail my board back to the center. 20,000 bolivar tip for him.

Tip of the Day: How to sleep in the tropics.
1) lower mosquito net over bed. Trap two mosquitoes under net, where they feed on me all night.
2) crank up air conditioning to 60 degrees
3) put fleece sweater next to bed for use once room cools
4) brush teeth
5) brush sand off feet
6) get into bed and read until sleep comes
7) asleep by 11:00 pm
8) wake at 3:00
9) repeat step 6
10) sleep till 9:30
11) eat breakfast
12) get back in bed
13) repeat step 6
14) sleep till noon

Books I've read using sleep tips
- Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith
- Emerald Underground by Michael Collins
- Sick Puppy by Carl Hiassen
- West of ... by David Guterson

Breast update:
- proper slang: "cocos" Usage: "she has grandes cocos"
- most of breasts one sees on El Yaque beach are silicone, according to one expert
- interesting: you can't drink the water, but the women have breast implants. Interesting priorites.

Nature update:
I saw the world's largest grasshopper. It was at least 5 inches long, larger and heavier than a preying mantis. I tried to get it to move by touching it with my foot. It didn't budge. I decided to leave it alone.