Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 3: When mosquitos attack

El Yaque, where I´m staying, is a town of extremes:
- world´s scrawniest kittens
- world´s most flea-bitten dog
- world´s smallest beer (a bottle of Polar Ice, a locally served beer, contains 222 centiliters. A stndard bottle of beer in the US is 12 ounce, or about 375 centiliters. I usually drink pints, which are about 500 centiliters.)
- world´s largest breasts (melones grandes, for those following along in Spanish)

I go to breakfast and eat with the English/Polish couple. I really don´t have much choice as there is no one else in the dining room. As usual, he is talkative and she is quiet. I figure either her English is poor or she doesn´t like Jews. Only thing I can get out of her is that she sells wigs for a living and doesn´t like living in London.

When I get back to my room, it is nice and clean. The maid has cleaned it and done a nice job, but it is filled with mosquitos. She must have left the door open while cleaning. For next 30 minutes I go about trying to kill the mosquitos.
The results:
- 3 mosquitos killed
- 1 trapped in bathroom
- 1 still at large.
I have visions of contracting a mosquito-borne illness and going home in a body bag.


No wind today, so we have to improvise:
- I want to go swimming but need to find a sun cover for my head that will stay on in the water. I go to local surf shop and ask for a swim cap. (these are tight fitting latex caps, somewhere between and shower cap and a condom.) They have nothing. I end up wearing my baseball cap on backwards and works fine. I swim for about 30 minutes.
- I buy a gallon jug of waters and use it as a weight for back and should exercises. I do push ups and then go the park and do pull ups on the jungle gym.

The Mosquito Net

This is to be my first night sleeping under a mosquito net. Reminds me of a scene from the movie "Emmanuelle," only there´s no Emmanuelle. Oh, well.

First, I patch holes in the netting with duct tape and scotch tape. Then I tuck the netting into the mattress on three sides, leaving one side open so I can get in. It works fine. In the middle of the night I wake up to mosquito buzzing noise. It is trapped outside the net, but keeps sniffing around the net for an opening. The bugger is more persistent than a dog begging for scraps at the dinner table.