Travel Humor

1) Tales loosely inspired by actual events.*

- Nha Trang, Vietnam: "The symptoms of the bubonic plague include: fever, chills, and a loss of interest in online dating."

- Romantic encounter on a Greek ferry: "You have a great arm," I said, as she threw her purse into the Mediterranean.

*These pieces are reworked scenes from my novel "God Bless Cambodia."

2) Trip Around the World

- After four months and five continents, I could say in three languages: "Do you speak English? "How much is the pepto-bismol?" and "Excuse me, is this the evacuation helicopter?"


3) Skiing

- Revelstoke, B.C.: Scoring weed, make mine a double, "Dear Greyhound Canada."

- Big Sky, Montana: Encounter with a snowboarder."'You're a grown man, you should know better than that,' said the 20-something snowboarder as I lay face-down in the snow."


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