Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 11: Improvement Continues

Continuing to feel better. May be it was something I ate.

Late afternoon there is a dog barking incessentally. Unfortunately, I couldn't pack my baseball bat, so I run out unarmed out to see what's going on.

Some bitch had a litter of puppies and her and the father have moved in on our road, across from the hotel. Puppies are cute (they look like little piles of dust when lying in the road.) But they're probably rabid, so I don't pet them.

Social strategy: go to the same places and get to know staff and regulars or go to as many different places as possible?

Being creature of habit, I go back to tiki bar for dinner.
The scene:
- More expats, including some from last night.
- Theo buys me a beer
- one of expats buys me a beer
- We get into standard puerile guy talk. (anatomy: male and female, bodily functions, motorized vehicles. (As conversation deteriorates, Theo goes to sit with other customers.)