Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Close Encounter

After bungee jumping, I'm heading back to my room. There is an attractive German woman and her friend standing outside the room next to mine. We talk. She's cute and seems older than usual hostel chick. (turns out she's 27)

Later I'm going for a run. I run into them again. She gets out of her car to come over to talk to me. I'm wearing a tank top. She is checking out my arms. (or possibly my greying chest hair.) She says she likes to run. We part company.

After my run, I get into the shower. There is a knock at my door. "Who is it?" Someone mumbles. I say open the door. The German girl pops her head in and asks if I want to join her for a whirlpool in two hours. I say yes. Friendly, these German girls.

I'm eating my dinner at the hostel bar. She is making her dinner. She asks if she can sit down. I say I was saving the seat for her. We eat and joke around. She utters those other words every guy longs to hear: "Should I get a bottle of wine for the hot tub?"

I review the signs
- she was checking out my arms
- she got out of her car to talk
- she invites me to whirlpool.
- she wants to add alcohol to the equation.
This all looks promising. But with my luck, you never know.

I get up to the whirlpool and she's in there ... with a British guy. She asks me to get in. Over the next 3 hours, here's what transpires in our underwater game of cat and mouse:

- I touch her with my feet; she touches back.
- I move closer; she moves away.
- she sits on rim of whirlpool and invites me to sit next to her.
- I try to put arm around her, she moves it away.
- she offers other guy glass of wine
- she toasts him and says that he has to look into her eyes when toasting or he'll experience 7 years of bad sex.
- she starts using the 'f' word a lot.
- she moves to side of whirlpool next to him.
- he is either playing it real cool, or shy, or he's not interested. (he is 22 years old; she is 27)
- someones feet brush mine...and they're not hers.
- she says she's cold and we all get out of hot tub.
- she says she'll see us at breakfast.
- the guy invites me to watch soccer with him later(I remember that he's from the UK and that most guys over there are gay.)