Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Professional Update/Upcoming Comedy Performances

Dear All,
My apologies in advance to anyone who has already seen this on Facebook or elsewhere. But once again, I would love a little help spreading the word about my upcoming performances.
I) Executive Summary: What I'm Up To
- Polishing a novel, The Loneliest Planet, which I've been writing for the last six years. The manuscript will go to agents and publishers in early 2015 (I swear!)
- Lecturing about online marketing for writers at colleges and adult education centers around Boston.
- My one-man show, The Chronic Single's Handbook, will be featured at theater festivals in Orlando, FL; Atlanta; and Edinburgh, Scotland; this spring and summer.
II) Pleading and Groveling
Can you help me get the word out about my upcoming shows?
- Mention to people you know who might go, post on Twitter, Facebook, etc. (Sample Tweets and links below. Also, I inserted my online flyer and link at the end of this note.)
- I'm happy to reciprocate and share your events or news on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Sample Tweet:

A friend performs his show Chronic Single's Handbook: FL (5/14-24) Atlanta (6/5-8) Edinburgh (8/1-16) Go or RT http://www.chronicsingle.com/2014/04/the-chronic-singles-handbook-shows-for.html
Sample Facebook Post:
A friend will perform his one-man comedy play, The Chronic Single's Handbook, in Orlando, FL (5/14-24) Atlanta (6/5-8) Edinburgh, Scotland (8/1-16). The play is about a never-married guy who takes a trip around the world looking for the woman of his dreams. Please go or share. http://www.chronicsingle.com/2014/04/the-chronic-singles-handbook-shows-for.html
III) More Detail Than You Want
1) Here are some links to youtubes of me performing two scenes from a December performance in Boston. For the upcoming theater festivals, I'll have props but no mic, which means I'll be able to move around the stage.
- Opening scene:
"Chronically single? You've got lots of company"
Content warning for adults situations, black tongues, sadistic medical professionals.

- "One Day in Thailand"
Lady boys, tuk-tuk scammers, and the day I was almost gay.

IV) Online flyer for the show
The link: http://www.chronicsingle.com/2014/04/the-chronic-singles-handbook-shows-for.html
The actual flyer:

"The Chronic Single's Handbook": Shows for 2014

The Chronic Single's Handbook: One man's global search for love

A solo performance inspired by actual events  
featuring Randy Ross 

Exotic Locales


A body-spa named The Curious Finger.

Early praise for The Chronic Single's Handbook:
"Hysterical, side-splitting, profound, a tour-de-force of droll insight. One of the year's best."
-- Randy Ross, writer/performer, The Chronic Single's Handbook
"The balance on your credit card is overdue. Please remit immediately."
-- Bank of West Boston

Upcoming Shows (all shows last one hour)

1) May 14-24 Orlando International Fringe theater festival

- Wed, May 14 (11:30 pm)
- Fri, May 16 (9:00 pm)
- Sat, May 17 (4:20 pm)
- Wed, May 21 (10:30 pm)
- Sat, May 24 (3:15 pm)

Red Venue, Lowndes Shakespeare Center
812 E Rollins
Orlando, FL 32803

Tickets, more information.
- Cost: $12, plus one-time $9 fee for a festival entry button, which is required to see any show at the festival (sorry).

Sample show program

2) June 5-8 Atlanta Fringe theater festival

- Thurs, June 5 (8:00 pm)
- Fri, June 6 (11:00 pm)
- Sat, June 7, two shows (5:00 pm and 9:30 pm)
- Sun, June 8, (2:00 pm)

Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge
644 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306

Tickets, more information 
(tickets and prices available in May (should be $10 to $15. In addition to tickets, you will need to buy at $3 festival entry button.)

Sample show program

3) August 1-16 Edinburgh Festival Fringe theater festival

Dates/times (all shows start at 7:05 pm or 19:05 using local 24-hour time)
- Mon-Sat, Aug 4-9
- Mon-Sat, Aug 11-16

theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall
Nicholson Street, EH8 9DW
Edinburgh, Scotland

Tickets, more information 
(tickets are 8 British Pounds, or about $12; there may be other fees)

Sample show program

4) Boston-Area Appearances

- May 1, with Judah Leblang at Somerville Public Library (details)
- Events calendar with more listings.

5) Watch Videos Excerpts from Recent Performances

 - Opening scene: "Chronically single? You've got lots of company"
Content warning for adults situations, black tongues, sadistic medical professionals.

- "The Day I Was Almost Gay"
Content warning for prescription drug abuse, gooey sunburns, and men kissing on the lips.

Thanks again!