Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Easy, Sleazy Book Marketing Results

Results from using "Easy, Sleazy Book Marketing Tips" for a month or so.

1) Facebook Fans: added 75 fans (Now 1961 up from 1886)

2) Twitter Followers: added 270 followers (Now 444 up from 170 from 270)

Still not sure if I get Twitter or it's useful for fiction writers in my situation, but plowing ahead anyway.
Also, used an online tool called friend or follow to dump people I was following who didn't follow me back. My opinion: It looks better to have even number of following and followers.

3) Linked In: added 90 connections (now 890 up from 800)

4) Goodreads, I've just been clicking away and added 92 friends (142 friends up from 50)

What does this all mean? Not sure -- my numbers still aren't big enough to impress a publisher or agent. If I keep at it for a year. Maybe. How much time am I wasting? A lot. Probably an hour or two a day.

Has all this boosted my all-important traffic to my blog? No. Seems only sure way to increase traffic is to write more good blogs. Which also takes time. Time that should be spent FINISHING MY DAMN BOOK.

Has it increased sales of my little ebook? No.

Can I offer any useful advice?

What are you kidding?