Thursday, June 20, 2013

Professional update -- plea for help!

 Hi All,

Apologies in advance to anyone who has already seen this on Facebook or elsewhere. But d-day is approaching and I'm getting nervous!

I) Executive summary

- I've been working on a novel for the last five years and will be circulating to agents in early 2014. The working title for the novel: "The Loneliest Planet."

- I reworked excerpts from the novel into a one-man show called "The Chronic Single's Handbook." I'll be performing the show at two fringe theater festivals next week (two shows in  Portland, ME.) and in late July (five shows in D.C.)

- Can you help me get the word out about the show?
*Mention to people you know who might go, post on Twitter, Facebook, etc. (Sample Tweets and links below.)
*Any help appreciated! My big fear: I've spent four months rehearsing and $1,200 on acting lessons to prepare for these festivals -- and no one shows up to the shows.

Sample Tweet:
A friend will perform his show, The Chronic Single's Handbook, in Maine (6/29-30) & D.C. (7/19-28) Please go or RT

Sample Facebook Post:

A friend will perform his one-man comedy play, The Chronic Single's Handbook, in Maine (6/29-30) & D.C. (7/19-28). The play is about a never-married guy who takes a trip around the world looking for the woman of his dreams. Please go or share.

II) More Detail than you want

1) Here are some links to youtubes of me performing two scenes from the show around Boston. For the theater festivals, I'll have props and no mic, which means I'll be able to move around the stage.

- Opening scene:
Content warning for adults situations, black tongues, sadistic medical professionals.
Content warning for prescription drug abuse, gooey sunburns, and men kissing on the lips.

2) Here's an online flyer for the show (Twitter and Facebook links go to this page:

The Chronic Single's Handbook

One man's global search for love

A solo performance inspired by actual events featuring Randy Ross

 Exotic Locales


A body-spa named The Curious Finger.

Early praise for The Chronic Single's Handbook:

"Hysterical, side-splitting, profound, a tour-de-force of droll insight. One of the year's best."
-- Randy Ross, writer/performer, The Chronic Single's Handbook

"The balance on your credit card is overdue. Please remit immediately."
-- Bank of West Boston

Upcoming Shows

6/29, 6/30: Portland, ME, PortFringe, fringe theater festival
- Location: Portland Stage Company (PSC) Storefront theater space. Directions
- Times: Saturday 6/29 at 6:00PM, Sunday 6/30 matinee at 1:00PM
- Tickets, more information. 
(tickets cost $10)
*Note: "The Chronic Single's Handbook" may also be listed at "The Handbook for the Chronically Single."
- Show program

7/19 - 7/27: Washington, D.C., Capital Fringe, fringe theater festival
- Location: Gearbox, 1021 7th St NW, 3rd floor, D.C. 20001
- Times (five shows) FR 7/19 6:45PM | SU 7/21 9:30PM | TU 7/23 9:30PM | TH 7/25 10:00PM
SA 7/27 2:PM
- Tickets, more information 
(ticket available in early June. Cost $17, plus $5 or so for festival pass)

Thanks again!